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Caulerpa Algae


Commonly called Feather, Grape, and Razor Algae, learn to identify, propagate and control Caulerpa species macroalgae in saltwater aquarium systems. While most Caulerpa alga species are considered beneficial in a saltwater aquarium, Feather Caulerpa is one species which is choking out endemic sealife wherever it takes hold.

1. The Chlorophyta Phylum

Bornetella sphaerica
Photo by Keoki Stender
The Chlorophyta Phylum - Cup and Brush Macroalgae Species - Information about the identification and characteristics of green calcified Cup and Brush Macroalgae species.

2. Caulerpa Algae Profile

Caulerpa racemosa
Photo by Keoki Stender
Members of the Chlorophyta phylum or green algae group, learn about the overall characteristics, identification, care and more about Caulerpa macroalgae, of which Feather and Grape species are the most popular varieties cultivated by saltwater aquarists.

3. Killer Feather Caulpera Strain Spreading

Caulerpa taxifolia
Photo by Keoki Stender
An in depth look at the dangerous cultured strain of Mediterranean Feather Caulerpa that got loose in the wild and is showing up on sea beds around the world, which is choking out endemic sealife wherever it takes hold. The Caulerpa taxifolia species is illegal to possess or ship in the saltwater aquarium industry.

4. Green Algae Photos Gallery

Halimeda discoidea
Photo by Keoki Stender
Photos of a number of species of green macroalgae. Many of these are used in aquariums to help reduce nitrates and phosphates.

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