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Snail Photos Gallery - Saltwater Aquariums - About.com
Cowries may be algal grazers or sponge grazers, or both. Females lay a cluster of small egg capsules and will sit upon the mass until they hatch. If you find a ...
Snail Photos - Shelled Species - Saltwater Aquariums - About.com
A picture gallery of shelled saltwater snail photos, such as Astrea, Cowrie, and Turbo species, most of which include scientific and common name, as well as ...
Cone Shell Photos Gallery - Saltwater Aquariums - About.com
The Top Cone Snail Photos Gallery contains outstanding close up photos of cone shells from the Hawaiian and Indo-Pacific areas. Cone shells are well-known ...
Snail Facts and Information - Saltwater Aquariums - About.com
This snail consumes cyanobacteria and diatoms from rocks, aquarium walls and the substrate, ... Saltwater Fish Care Facts, Information, Profiles & Fish Pictures.
Giant African Land Snails - Picture - Exotic Pets - About.com
These creatures fit their names perfectly. In the photo above, that is an adult hand holding a pair of these snails. There are a few species and they vary in size, ...
Keoki Stender's Cymbal Bubble Snail (Haminoea cymbalum) photo
Keoki and Yukos' photo of a Cymbal Bubble Snail (Haminoea cymbalum) which is common on algae on reefs and tidepools during winter. It has a transparent ...
Keoki Stender's Swollen Bubble Snail (Hydatina amplustre) photo
Keoki and Yukos' photo of a Swollen Bubble Snail (Hydatina amplustre) which is locally common in silty sand under rocks in shallow water during winter.
Debbie Hauter's Mexican Turbo Snail Photo - Saltwater Aquariums
Terrific close up photo of the underside of a Mexican Turbo Snail. Note the algae on the "mouth" of the snail as it plows along. Gallery ...
Shelled Snail Profile Facts and Information - About Saltwater ...
Blue Legged (Clibanarius tricolor) Hermit Crab - Photo by Madelyn Catob ... A profile of the Super Tongan Nassarius Snail (Nassarius distortus), a sand sifting ...
Giant Ghana Snail - Achatina achatina - Snail Pictures
Giant Ghana Snail - Achatina achatina. Page 5. ... 5 of 12. Gallery Index: Terrestrial Snail Pictures · Previous Next. More About Terrestrial Snails. How Are Snails ...
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