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What Does Curing Live Rock Mean?
The term cure is a slang word that is applied to the process of conditioning or cycling live rock (LR) for use in a saltwater aquarium. Cured means that it is live ...
How to Cure Live Rock for Saltwater Aquariums
There are a number of methods for curing live rock for your marine aquarium. While you can usually save some money by purchasing uncured live rock, you may ...
How To Cure Live Rock in a New Saltwater Aquarium
Curing live rock in a separate curing setup is the best way to handle it before placing it into a new saltwater system you are just starting. Unfortunately this is not ...
How to Work With Live Rock in a Marine Aquarium
So far we have explained what live rock is and its purpose in a saltwater aquarium, as well as outlined what curing and the various terms referring to this process ...
How To Cure Live Rock in a Separate Curing Set Up
The breakdown of the organisms that reside on uncured and even cured live rock contributes to the accumulation of excess organic matter in any saltwater ...
Live Rock - About Live Rock - Cycling, Buying, Grades, Curing ...
Live Rock - Buying, Grades, Curing, aquascaping and cycling with live rock. Live rock serves a number of purposes is a saltwater aquarium.
How To Preclean Live Rock Before Using It - Saltwater Aquariums
When uncured and even "so-called" cured live rock is first placed into an established saltwater system, is being cured or used to cycle a new aquarium with, ...
Tips For Buying Live Rock for Your Marine Aquarium
Whenever possible it is best to purchase live rock from a local fish store or wholesaler, because most have live rock in stock that is cured and ready to go, and ...
What Is Live Rock? - Saltwater Aquariums
Live rock serves many purposes in saltwater aquariums, from refuge for tank ... your aquarium to run properly, and this pertains to the curing of live rock as well.
Saltwater Aquarium Setup in 10 Easy Steps
If you have live rock cured and ready for use, or you are not going to use live ... 1 ) The standard method is to fully cure live rock is in a separate curing setup.
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