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Friends Contest Winners
Congratulations To Our Winners!!
Read Sherman's Lagoon daily comic strip to cheer yourself up!
March '99: Gary L. Parr won the Baensch Marine Atlas - Volumes 1, 2 & 3.

January/February '99: Janet Brassardwon the NEW Reef Fishes-Volume 1 book by Scott W. Michael, published and dontated by Microcosm Books. Visit Janet's great 20g Mini-Reef and 120g Reef site.
December '98: Jane Powell won our Coral Media - The Interactive Reef CD-ROM by Coralife. This prize was donated by Don Carner.
November '98: Filippo Patrinicola and Joe Maddelena both won a Coral-Vital™ Product Package donated by Marc Weiss of Marc Weiss Companies, Inc.
October '98:Paolo Patrinicola won "AN UNDERWATER GUIDE TO HAWAI'I" by Ann Fielding and Ed Robinson.
September '98: David Matheson of Lawrenceville, Georgia won our Moloka'i tropical fish t-shirt.
This Contest Drawing was brought to you by your About.com Saltwater Aquariums Guides (formerly Miningco.com), Stan & Debbie Hauter.

*Treasure Map Clip Art from the KUMC Icons For HTML Collection-Maps page.
*Sherman's Lagoon image from Jim Toomey's Sherman's Lagoon site.

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