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Using Powerheads For Water Circulation

The Benefits of Using Powerheads


Should I use a powerhead for circulating my aquarium water? This is a question we hear quite often, and in our opinion the answer is yes. Some aquarists discourage the use of powerheads. They consider them to be an extra generating heat source, and may introduce unwanted stray voltage into an aquarium. With a good quality powerhead, using a grounding probe in the aquarium and following proper powerhead maintenance care, we feel these two possible negative factors are far outweighed by the positive benefits they provide.

Powerheads are electrical units with motors that are sealed to allow them to be submerged. They can be used for purposes such as driving an undergravel filter. The larger high performance units similar to the Rio 2100 or 2500 can be used for pumping water through a wet/dry tickle filter, or running a venturi type protein skimmer. For basic aquarium water circulation, powerheads can easily be hung or mounted on the back or side walls of an aquarium. They are economical, fairly inexpensive, and can be beneficial to the health of your aquarium in many ways.

The Benefits of Using Powerheads

  • Powerheads provide important water circulation and oxygenation in the aquarium, far more efficiently then the bubbles from air stones do.
  • The more your tank water is circulated and filtered, the better the water quality is in the aquarium.
  • They help to keep detritus and other tank matter from settling on the bottom of the tank. Powerhead circulation permits the majority of these particulates to be circulated or suspended, allowing them to be filtered out by a mechanical filter.
  • They aid in the health of the tank inhabitants. Water moving over the animals helps to carry oxygen the them, brings food to stationary animals, and stimulates animal activity. Learn about the animals you are choosing for your aquarium. Many corals and anemones do not do well in high current areas, while others thrive on good strong current. Position them appropriately in your tank.
  • The water movement and current provided by powerheads are a source of exercise for fish.
  • Powerheads can help deter the growth of algae, as some types grow better in calmer, less turbulent water.

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