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The Value of Aquarium Projects for Science Classes & Fairs

What A Fun Way To Learn!


Button Zoanthid Polyps

Button Zoanthid Polyps

John Stevenson
As summer comes to an end, as well as throughout the school year, many students have to think about potential science class and/or science fair projects. My first one was a closed environment (1 gallon jar) aquarium in Mr. Cooke's Biology class. My experimental goldfish lived in the algae shrouded, plant adorned predator free jar for 48 days. Mr. Cooke asked us to write an essay, speculating as to the cause of death. Inexplicably, my short answer of "boredom" did not score an "A". In retrospect, I think he was looking for something just a bit more scientific.

For those of you who currently have or want to set up an aquarium, this is the perfect opportunity to learn more about aquariums and earn class credit at the same time. For those who are a little more ambitious, entering the project into a science fair can also prove to be a very satisfying experience.

Many students apply the knowledge and experience they gain with their aquarium science projects into an exciting business, even while they are still in school. By combining a science project with a couple of business classes, these students are well on their way to entering the real world upon graduation.

Many college bound students planning to enroll in marine biology courses have often found that the contacts they made with marine biology professors while researching their projects proved to be priceless in the future.

If you have or want to develop a do-it-yourself mentality, most of the basic equipment required can be made at home. Many equipment and product manufacturers will gladly supply their wares to ambitious students free of charge, for well designed projects.

Even if your career plans don't include something in the field of marine biology, the new knowledge and receiving an excellent class grade on a project really makes learning fun. Being able to take your science project home after the class is over and use it for the rest of your life is the frosting on the cake. Is the kid with the simulated volcano project going to be able to do that? I doubt it. Here are some saltwater aquaria related experiments and projects that you may find of interest to use.

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