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Renaissance Prime Canister Filters


The Bottom Line

The high quality construction, sleek design, and many other user friendly features of these canister filters make them a comparable choice to consider.
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  • Efficient self-priming feature.
  • Can be used with all types of media.
  • Sturdy construction with a sleek design.


  • More expensive than some other canister filters.
  • Adjustment height of intake unit is critical.
  • Limited capacity of multiple types of media.


  • Self-priming units for easy start ups, with two models to choose from.
  • A clogging indicator tube that clearly shows when it's time to clean the unit.
  • A removable filter media container for easy changes and cleaning.
  • Designed for use with Proquatics fiber & sponge, biologic, and chemical mediums.
  • Rotating valve taps so intake and output hoses can be conveniently positioned.
  • A clip canister closure that's secure and tight yet easy to release.
  • Easy top access to the impeller chamber for convenience of cleaning.
  • A carrying handle to make transportation and moving of the unit easy.
  • Proquatics 1600 model is for 29 to 75 gallon aquariums (160 GPH).
  • Proquatics 2400 model is for 55 to 125 gallon aquariums (240 GPH).

Guide Review - Renaissance Prime Canister Filters

Now Sold as Proquatics Canister Filters Being confused on the similarities between the Renaissance Prime Series and Proquatics canister filters, appearing to be the exact same products with different names, we called Renaissance International to inquire about these canisters. This company is no longer in business, and we were correct in our evaluation that these two brand name canisters ARE one and the same products. They are still made by Hydor, an Italian aquarium product manufacturer, but are now distributed solely through PETsMART under their Proquatics brand name.
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