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Marineland H.O.T. Magnum Canister Filter

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H.O.T. Magnum Canister Filter

The Bottom Line

An efficient, well built compact hang-on-tank canister with powerful and versatile filtering capabilities, particularly ideal for mechanical and/or chemical filtration as well as quick aquarium clean ups.
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  • Powerful, compact and durable.
  • Ideal mechanical filter for aquarium clean ups.
  • Affordable.


  • Micron cartridge may need frequent cleaning.


  • Manufactured by Marineland / Aquaria, Inc.
  • Designed to hang on back of tank with no hoses; certified 250 GPH flow rate.
  • Can be installed in minutes, and moved easily from tank to tank for multiple clean ups.
  • Combines the power and micron/carbon filtration versatility of a full sized Magnum, in compact form.
  • Quick release cover latch provides fast, easy access to contents inside.
  • Self priming, bottom-mounted motor with patented design for quiet, efficient operation.
  • Designed to connect with a BIO-Wheel Pro (total 3-stage filtration) and Power Kleen Gravel Washer.
  • Includes micron cartridge, carbon/media container, filter sleeve, and 8 oz. activated carbon.
  • Pro System includes all of the above, plus a BIO-Wheel Pro 30 and Power Kleen Gravel Washer.
  • Powerful mechanical and chemical filtration capabilities in an efficient, compact unit.

Guide Review - Marineland H.O.T. Magnum Canister Filter

This unit combines the power and micron/carbon versatility of a full sized Magnum Canister Filter, as well as the simplicity of a power filter into one convenience and compact unit. This efficient and powerful little canister by Marineland is extremely versatile when it comes to single or multiple tank clean ups. It can be moved quickly and easily, and when used with the micron pleat cartridge and attachable Power Kleen Gravel Washer, its cleaning capabilities are unsurpassed any ordinary siphon gravel cleaning tool. Because of these features, it is an ideal canister for fast and simple mechanical and/or chemical filtration jobs.
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