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About Mangrove Plants



There are several species of mangroves that are used by aquarists as a means of filtration, particularly to reduce DOCs, nitrates and other toxins in a saltwater aquarium; White (Laguncularia racemosa), Oriental (Bruguiera gymnorrhiza), and Red (Rhizophora mangle L.).

Mangroves possess a number of unique "oddities" in the flora world which make them adaptable to many environments. Mangroves are plants that live in freshwater swamps, and along brackish and salt water shoreline areas. They have the ability to live in saltwater by straining freshwater from the saltwater through their roots. The cells in the roots take in water, but because the cells are so small, they do not allow the salt molecules to be absorbed. Nature's own little RO/DI unit.

Introduction of mangroves is done by way of the seeds, which look like long pods that are fat at the bottom (root area) and skinny at the top (leaf growing area). Newly produced and sheaded seeds float around on water tides and currents, until they finally come to roost. The seeds only need a short period of non-movement to start anchoring into mud, sand, or rock structures they often get trapped in between.

There are four basic stages of mangrove seed growth that one can buy.

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