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Tips on How to Take Great Pictures
Aquarium Photography Help

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True Percula Clownfish
Photo by Debbie Hauter
Click for full photo view
Have you ever tried to take a photograph of your aquarium or the inhabitants in it that resulted in a complete disaster? Maybe on a fluke you shot from the hip and wham -- what a great shot! The question is, do you know what you did to make it happen? The answer is, probably not!
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From the following tips and information contributed by us and site visitor shutter bugs like ourselves, you too can learn how easy it is to take great snapshots, as well as resize, apply effects, and perform other photo editing tasks to create wonderful pictures of your saltwater aquarium or reef tank, the fish, invertebrates, and other marine life in it.

Photography Tips & Photo Editing Techniques

From Debbie
& Stan Hauter

Janet Brassard
Phyllis Daniels

Now it's time to have some fun! Get busy with that camera and start clicking away, then pick your best and favorite snapshot and send it to us for consideration as an entry in a future About Saltwater Aquariums Photo Contest.

~ Debbie & Stan Hauter

<< Photo Galleries & Contests Index < Aquarium Photography

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