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Saltwater Aquarium Fish Disease Trouble Shooter


Most fungal infections are fairly easy to treat. You can just add a saltwater fish fungicide (which you can find at your LFS) to the tank water and hope for the best, but a more thorough procedure will greatly improve the odds of a cure as well as prevent another outbreak.

Remove the fish to a QT. Perform a thorough tank cleaning, including vacuuming the substrate and water change. Add a dose of fungicide from your LFS. Remove the infected fish from the QT and place it on a soft towel soaked in saltwater. Cover the fish's eyes with a corner of the towel to reduce struggling. With a dry paper towel, carefully scrape the fungus from the fish. Wet a cotton swab with tincture of iodine and daub the infected area until covered. Let the solution sink in for a few seconds then return the fish to the tank.

A good tank maintenance program should keep the problem from reoccurring.

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