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Yellow Tang Images
Debbie & Stan's Saltwater Clip Art Collection

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(Zebrasoma flavescens)

This and all other Yellow Tang images displayed on this page have white backgrounds. ~ Debbie Hauter

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  Yellow Tang Images (Continued)
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Debbie & Stan's Clip Art Usage Rules
All content contained in our clip art collection was personally created by us, Debbie & Stan Hauter, unless otherwise stated. With the exception of being used for commercial reproduction and profit purposes, everything is FREE to copy and use on your personal or commercial Web site pages as you please. However, all we ask in doing so is that you display this linked artist credit byline wherever it is used: Debbie & Stan's Saltwater Clip Art Collection
How to Copy or Download Images
Right click your mouse on any image, choose "Save Image As" or whatever other command your particular computer gives you, choose the folder on your computer where you would like to store it, and then click "save".
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