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Understanding The Biological Cycle In a Marine Aquarium

By December 4, 2013

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Understanding the nitrogen cycle, also referred to as the biological cycle, is essential knowledge for not only cycling a new tank, but also for preventing dangerous ammonia and nitrite spikes in established tanks, commonly known as New Tank Syndrome. Here is an easily understood explanation of what the nitrogen or biological cycle is and how it works to keep your aquarium functioning properly.

More: Rapid Nitrate Reduction Water Change Method Reducing your nitrates from 100 ppm to 5 ppm can be accomplished in a few hours and uses far less water than doing repeated 20% water changes over time.

More: Top Nitrate Absorbing Products can reduce your nitrate levels to near zero without repetitive water changes. These products are easy to use and very cost effective.

More: The Vodka Method For Nitrate & Phosphate Reduction actually works. Share a vodka martini with your marine aquarium and watch your nitrate and phosphate levels drop to nothing in a short period of time.


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