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DIY Coil Denitrator Plans

Sunday April 20, 2014

DIY Coil Denitrator
Tired of spending all of the time and money on performing endless water changes to keep your nitrates in check? Here are simple, inexpensive DIY Coil Denitrator plans from Don Carner.

More: What Is A Coil Denitrator and How Does It Work? Nitrate isn't good for our systems, be they FO (fish-only) or reef. You can buy a commercial denitrator that cost a ton of money, or you can ...

Vodka Martini

More: "Vodka Method" of Nitrate Reduction Really works!! Share a vodka martini with your fish and watch your nitrates drop like a rock.

Graphics by Don Carner

New Tank Syndrome

Saturday April 19, 2014

Your tank has cycled (maybe for years) and you start seeing spiking ammonia in your tank water tests. You check your nitrites and find that the reading is above zero. Puzzling, isn't it? You might have a case of New Tank Syndrome. It's easy to prevent, but a little tougher to cure.

Forums: How Soon/ How Much? I recently set up a 29 gallon tank. I currently have 30 lbs of live rock, live sand, a Behn's Damsel, a Four-striped Damsel and a cleaner shrimp. How soon should you make new additions...

What is a Sump? Do You Need One?

Thursday April 17, 2014

MegaFlow Sump

Some aquarists are unaware of the many benefits of adding a sump to their systems. Here is a description of what a sump is, how it is used, the many designs and set ups one has to choose from, and what benefits it can provide your system.

More: Easy, Cheap DIY Sumps Why pay a fortune for a custom made sump if you don't have to?

More: Wet/Dry Trickle Filters can greatly increase your biological filter capacity as well as the number of fish that you can hold in your aquarium.

Forum: Sump/refugium question I'm curious about one thing with respect to sumps that also happen to be refugiums. Do people ...

The Latest Mini/Nano Saltwater Aquarium Kits

Tuesday April 15, 2014

MegaFlow Sump

The newest Mini/Nano Aquarium Kits on the market are definitely a leap forward. Some of the new kits contain aquariums with LED lighting that will support corals, dual powerheads controlled by a programmable computer chip, adaptable and more efficient filtration plus a new sleek look are just some of the features offered today. Some retailers are even offering a free stand with kits. Read more...

The 4 Basic Coral Requirements

Sunday April 13, 2014

Phyllis' Leather Coral
All corals have 4 basic requirements which must be met in order to survive in captivity. The specific requirements vary by coral type and species, but the 4 basics remain the same. Once you understand the basics, the rest is easy.

More: Soft Coral Profiles Save yourself a lot of money and heartache by finding out what a coral species requires before you buy it. Soft corals are among the most forgiving so they may be the right kind of coral to start out with. Facts, Information about Soft Corals.

More: SPS/LPS Coral Profiles Hard (SPS/LPS) corals can be a bit more demanding that their soft cousins, but with the right information, you can chose the Hard Corals that will work best in your tank. Here is the information you need to make keeping hard corals in your tank a success.

More: 15 Easy Corals Corals which are more forgiving of less than perfect tank conditions.

Forums: Xenia study Since I pass them each time that I head out onto the reefs, and did notice that wild xenia seem to die off just as our captive ones seem to do. Soooo.....

Photo by Phylis Daniels

Curing Cloudy Aquarium Water

Saturday April 12, 2014

Cloudy Aquarium Water - Substrate

There aren't too many aquariums which have not experienced cloudy water at one time or another. Depending on the cause of the cloudy water, the problem can be either very easy to cure, or require more extensive procedures. Fortunately, the causes of cloudy aquarium water in each case can be determined by the color or tint of the water. Curing your Cloudy Aquarium Water can be easier than you might think.

More: Top Canister Filter Picks Among their other uses, canister filters are great for removing particulate matter from your tank water, making it crystal clear.

Photo by Debbie Hauter

FAQ - How Often Should I Feed My Fish??

Thursday April 10, 2014

How often should your fish be fed, anyway? Carnivores, herbivores and omnivores have different feeding requirements. So, should you feed your fish once per day? Twice per day? Every two or three days? Feed too often and a lot of the food will end up on the bottom of your tank, creating even more nitrates. Not often enough and the health of your fish will suffer.

More: Marine Fish Food Comparison Chart Easy way to compare the contents of the most popular fish foods.

More: Top Foods of Choice for Fish and Invertebrates. Compare Prices on the Top Flake, Granule, Pellets, Frozen and Natural Fish Foods.

Combating Rising Tank Temperatures in Hot Weather

Monday April 7, 2014

High Temperatures

Rising temperatures outdoors can easily affect your tank temperatures indoors. Taking a few simple steps before your tank starts to warm up can make all the difference in the world. Here are some great examples of what you can do.

More: Reef Tank Temperatures - How High is Too High? Most aquarists with reef tanks understand that maintaining their corals within the proper temperature range is important in order to keep them healthy and growing. If the temperature is too low or too high, the zooxanthellae algae...

More: How to Prevent Aquarium Heater Disasters As summertime temperatures go up, keeping your aquarium temperature stable is even more important. The last thing you need is for your tank heating system to fail, sending your tank temperatures through the roof. Here's how to avoid a total disaster.

My Tank Has Finished Cycling - Now What?

Sunday April 6, 2014

Now that your new saltwater aquarium has reached the end of the nitrogen cycling process and completed its task of establishing the beginning of your tank's biological filter base, what do you do next? If you're not careful, you could find yourself back on square one.

More: What is New Tank Syndrome? This anomaly can occur whether you have a new tank or a well established one. Find out what causes New Tank Syndrome and how to avoid it.

Forums: Tank cycled? I placed 45# fiji live rock on an egg crate suspended above a new bare bottom FOWLR tank ...

Which Brand Sea Salt Mix is Best to Buy?

Saturday April 5, 2014

Which Brand Sea Salt Mix is Best to Buy?
When it comes to answering the age old question of which sea salt mix is best to buy for making up saltwater aquarium or reef tank system water, we cannot precisely say that one brand is better than another because of various factors that add into the equation. Things such as personal opinions, how the mix is prepared, affordability, and ... read on

More of this Feature: Sea Salt Mixes Comparison Table See how the various sea salts on the market stack up against Natural Sea Water.

More About: Elements in Natural Sea Water to Compare See what elements are contained in Natural Sea Water.

Sea Salt Mixes: Compare Prices on the most popular sea salt mixes on the market

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